Fixit – a non-profit organization dedicated to shining a light on the everyday challenges faced by the common man and resolving them with dedication and compassion.

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Fixit Water Well Project

where every drop counts in our mission to alleviate water scarcity in Pakistan.
12 Cases Report
Rs 16,000
Donation Needed
32 Cases Report
Donation Needed
Fixit Water Well Project Thar Parkar Sindh
100+ Hand Pumps Completed
Fixit Water Well Project District Sanghar
50+ Hand Pumps Completed

Who is Alamgir Khan?

Meet Alamgir Khan, the visionary founder of Fixit and a leading voice for positive change in Pakistan. With a passion for social justice and community empowerment, Alamgir has dedicated his life to advocating for the rights of the common man.

As a prominent social activist and politician, Alamgir has spearheaded numerous initiatives aimed at highlighting and resolving the overlooked issues faced by ordinary Pakistanis. Through Fixit, he has pioneered innovative approaches to addressing societal challenges, from advocating for better infrastructure to providing essential services such as clean water and healthcare.

Our Project

Protect and enhance poverty.

Mission is Give for People

Some People Need Help And We Give It!

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Fixit Pakistan

Join the Movement. Be the Change.

Volunteers are the heart and soul of Fixit. Whether you’re passionate about community service, social justice, or simply making a difference, there’s a place for you in our team. Join us in our mission to serve the common man, hold responsible parties accountable, and spread public awareness. Together, we can create meaningful change and build a better Pakistan for all.

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Protect and enhance poverty.