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The “Fixit Kitchen” initiative represents a beacon of dignity and nourishment in the community. It transcends the mere concept of a charity kitchen by honoring the principle that every individual, regardless of their financial status, deserves the opportunity to eat with respect and in a welcoming environment. At the heart of this initiative is the commitment to offer wholesome meals for a nominal fee of Rs.30.00 and bread for Rs.10.00, making sustenance both accessible and affordable.

Carefully prepared with hygiene as a top priority, the food served at Fixit Kitchen is a testament to the belief that quality should not be compromised by cost. This initiative welcomes everyone, from those struggling with poverty to people simply in need of a meal served with dignity. Fixit Kitchen stands as a culinary sanctuary that not only feeds the hungry but also fosters a sense of community and shared humanity.

مہنگائی کی وجہ سے لوگوں کی آمد پہلے سے بہت زیادہ ہوگئی ہے، متوسط طبقے کے لئے راحت اور آسانی، عزت کے ساتھ بہترین معیاری کھانا دیا جاتا ہے،

اس کار خیر میں ہمارا ساتھ دیں۔

فکس اٹ کا عزم کوئی بھوکا نہ رہے

Welcome To Fixit Kichen

Billionaires And Multinationals Donate To Fixit Kitchen

Fixit Kitchen, will be served to general public for Rs.30/- Pakistan’s First Ever Restaurant for Middle Class People